Miseensota ABO Godina Shawaa Kaabaa Aanaa Dagam magaalaa Hambisootti hidhamanii jiran.

1. Mindaa Mangistuu
2. Taganee Daadhii
3. Dirbabaa Taaddalaa
4. Dabalaa Fayisaa
5. Habtaamuu Suyyum
6. Geetuu Nugusee
7. Tasfaayee Tsigguu
8. Abdiisaa Gaarii
9. Shawaa Kaasuu
10. Fiqaaduu Abbabaa
11. Taammiruu Naggasaa
12. Wasanuu Dajanuu
13. Dajanee Bayyanaa
14. Darajjee Dhaabasaa
15. Hayiluu Xaafaa
16. Abrahaam Tolasaa
17. Taarikuu Masfilaa
18. Ijaaraa Tufaa
19. Baacaa Bultumee
20. Dibaabaa Kabbadaa
21. Geetuu Habteweld

who is Badhoo Dachaasaa(dammaaqsaa

Bedho Dechasaa

Bedhoo Dachasa Gudeta who was a son of ade Mamite Wakene was born in 1951 in Gulele Burayu town, Gefersa Burayu Kebele (Dire Sololiya). Badho Dachaasaa was the first man from central Oromia to join the Oromo liberation armed struggle lead by Jarra Abba Gada, Baro Tumsa and Lencho Lata.

Dadhi Dechasa his elder brother was a polytechnic graduate and Quality Authentication in an organization that Lencho Lata used to work in. Sufe Dechasa, Kebede Dechasa, Sisay Dechasa, Gadisa Dechasa, Tsegaye Dechasa, Atsede Dechasa, Chaltu Dechasa, Mulu Dechasa, Askale Dechasa and Getahun Dechasa were his brothers and sisters.

Bedho was a founder and a member of Finfine youth; Gulele group which had been a cultural, political and language group that had been helping students to study hard and know their country. He was a disciplined and an outstanding student at Medhanealem Comprehensive Senior Secondary school at Gulele in Finfine. Bedho had been a good role model student for his brothers and sisters. He was a country loving martyr who had been awakening the society of his time.

In 1966 he completed his 10th grade and went to Harar to attend Teachers Training Courses for two years. He taught in Tigray region at Shire; Salaklaka elementary school. And came back to Finfine and completed his high school. He got a chance to join Lethal college and met there Eritrean nationalists such as Negash Ali and Fikre Ri’isom. These men had begun to pin him the political situation of the time and he begun to think how to cooperate with the rationalist groups in fighting against the Ethiopian government.

Bedho was one of the Oromo nationalists of his time who Joined Addis Ababa University for his Bachelor of Arts to study history. He got a chance to participate on “Edget Behibret’’ and taught for some years in Ilu Aba Bora.

This Oromo political activist met in Finfine with the activist members of politics, like Meles Tekle, Dheresa K’ite Boji and Abdeta Gutema. Bedho was not a leftist or a rightist .The rightist groups who believe that Ethiopia was the Christian island was led by Alula Abate, Asfaw Damt’e and by Asefa Liben. The other group was the Ethnological Society of the University College which was led by Bayisa Alemu, Temesgen Gobena, Dhinsa Let’isa and Kebede Hat’e Segni. But Bedho Dechasa was not one of these groups; he was a secular Oromo nationalist who took his line with Dheresa K’it’e and Abdeta Gutema.

In “Kana Bekta?” awakening writing that was led by Kebede Firisa (from Ilu Aba Bora), Bedho was a good columnist with Tesfaye Bedhane(from Arsi). Bedho’s skill was not only in writing, but also he was one of the Oromo martyrs who facilitated the struggle from localities, schools, groups and regions to an organized formal political organization.

In his struggle history, he began to hate the leftist socialist groups and started to wide open his eyes to other options. That time there were other mono nationalist movement groups like Baro Tumsa in Quality Authentication Organization (an office that Lencho Leta used to work), Tsegaye, Merera, Fikadu Eba , Addisu Beyene and Bekele Geleta. Seeing all political views of that time, Bedho then denied as there would be a political solution for Oromo movements under the Ethiopian flag and under Socialism. He then joined the Ilu Aba Bora radical group of Olana Alemu (Bobasa Geda),Kebede Borena (used to live at Winget and killed by Dergue) ,Tesfaye Tadese (officer at Ministry of Foreign Affairs) and Dr. Kelil Mohammed’s group who were killed by Dergue during Red Terror.

Though much has been done in disintegration to awaken Oromo, but when Dergue took power Oromo movements were not well organized to a unified political party or a front. But there were groups movements such as Werak’a (Mitiku Terfasa’s group; a scholar who studied in Germany and who finally joined MEISON and finally killed by Dergue), Oromia (Bekele Geleta, Fikadu Eba and Tsegaye Nemera), Bekelcha (lead by a lawyer and pharmacist Baro Tumsa), Qanqe and Mukulkula. These all had contributed their part to aware Oromo some steps forward.

It was for the first time that the group met in Mekane Eyesus Churcha hall to alleviate and hammer out their political differences and stand as united Oromo elites. These Oromo nationalists met in the hall, the stage being led by K’es Gudina Tumsa,Terfa Dibaba and K’es Tesga Hirpho. While the meeting was held in the hall a group from Ministry of Defense led by Baro Tumsa were watching the external environment. These military gourds were Alemu Negera,Teshome Tola and Getachew Degefa.

Badho Dechasa with the members having a socialist inclination like Lencho Leta, Dheresa K’it’e, Tsegaye Nemera, men from EHAPA (EPRP),Dejene Bushu, Abdeta Gutema, Abubeker( from Harar),Daniel Defa, Merera Gudina and with the total elites of more than 80 dismissed the meeting without any agreement. Bedho Dechasa, who hoped for good news lost his patience and presented his thoughts emotionally. That was a clear demarcation of those groups. Badho Dachasa who hoped a lot at the beginning and lost an appetite from the meeting of Mekane Eyesus, became more and more eager to fight. That time Mulis Aba Geda was asking Baro Tumsa to cooperate for fight and Badho Dachasa voluntarily went to Harar when the rest group left in Finfine. He then met Jara Aba Geda, who was also asking the organized groups to stand with him to work for Oromo.

He first made a survey in Harar in 1975, and putting everything aside Bedho went to fight. He met Tony Michel in Dire Dawa; who used to live in Harar and son of Michel Dire. They began to meet at Apolo 11 Hotel; room no 3. In 1976 Bedho contacted Jara Aba Geda’s group in Dire Dawa and began his fight.

Bedho was not married and never heard having a child. He was the first Oromo elite from center to be an Oromo soldier and he began to develop a field organ Sagalee Bosonaa; a military communiqué before the existence of the centralized Bakkalcha Oromoia propaganda communiqué. His talent in high school and his membership in Oromo literature groups in presenting poems and creative works helped him to be perfect in his political careers. He wrote awakening agendas, nice political views, battle and victories news and articles on the Oromo front.

(Source; Oromo Nationalism 2016 by #Sheleme K Jima; an oral Oromo historian obo Edao Boru and Finfinne Radio on Friday, December 04, 2015 )

Maqaa Filaannootti ABOn lama galmaa’uu hin dandaa’uu tokko tahaa jedhuun shira ABO dhabaamsiisuf Warrii sodaareetti koraatee fi OPDOn dalagaa jirtu.
Qaamoonni kana duraa ABO keessa taahuun diigaa turaan ammaas akeeka diigumsa isaanii kan alaatti milkaa’uufii didee fudhaatanii biyyaa seenuun mootummaa shiftaa Itoophiyaan deeggaramanii sochii ABO dhabaamsiisuu gaggeessaa jiruu. Hoggaanoonni kun diyaaspooraa keessaa kan bahaan yoo tahaan akeeka dhokaataa gaggeessan waan qabaan fakkaatu. keessaayyuu akeeka dhokaataa biyyoota adii waan bahaataan fakkaatu. diyaaspooraa keessaatti hojii qabsoo xixiqqoo dalaguun mumul’alaatanii gara hoggaansatti kan ol dhufaan yoo tahaan Hoggaanoonni kun diyaaspooraadha. jalqabumarraayyuu kaasee murni kun akeeka qabsoo bilisummaa oromoo dhabaamsiisuuf kan socho’uudha. kanaanis biyyaa Ambaa keessaatti mooraa qabsoo bilisummaa oromoo keessaatti balaa uumanii ergaama ABO dhabaamsiisuu raawwataanii Dhaaba kana cabsaanii keessaa bahaan. kuni tahuun osoo beekamuu ammaallee erga oromiyaa seenaanii booda mootummaa Itoophiyaatiin deeggaaraamanii shira ABO diiguu kan bara 1991 kaasee harkaatti fashaalaa turee sana rawwaatanii milkaa’uuf sochii eegaluu isaanii argiinee jirraa. sochii kanaanis jalqaaba irraatti Sodaareetti koraatanii maqaa dhaabatiin of moggaasanii, ABO jechuun gadii bahaan. murnoonni maqaa kanaan yeroo kana waliitti qabaaman murna qabsoo keessaa harca’ee mootummaan qabsoo bilisummaa oromoo dura dhaabuuf waliitti qabee tahuunis beekamaadha.

yeroo kanaattimmoo Qaamoonni kun mootummaa Itoophiyaa fi boordii filaannoo waliin wal tahaanii qaamni lama ABO tahee filaannoo keessa seenuu hin daanda’uu tokko taana maqaa jedhuun, ABO kana dura dhabaamsiisuu daadhabaan carraa kana fayyaadamanii dhabaamsiisuuf dhiibbaa gochaa jiruu. kana keessaatti Miseensonnii shanee Gumii ABO kan addaa dureedhan jalabarraatti araara shiraa fudhaachuun dursaanii finfinnee seenaanis dhaaba keessa taahanii murnaa kanaan akka akeekni kun dhuunfatamuuf maqaa tokkummaan dhiibbaa itti gochaa jiruu.
murnii ABO jedhee soodareetti mootummaan deeggaramuun of moggaase kun hoggaanoota ABO finfinnee jiraan maqaa tokkuummaan waliitti dabaalamanii dhuunfachuudhaan ABO kan jedhuu dhabaamsiisuuf mootummaa waliin wal tahuun dhiibbaa taasiisaa jira. bara 2016 irraa eegalanii karaa miidiyaa hawaasaa ABO irraatti holooluun diyaaspoiraa keessaatti ABO hadheessuuf uummaata oromoo kutaan amaantiin lagaan akkasumaas gosaan qoodanii waliirraatti duulchisaa turaan.

akeekni isaanii inni guddaa fi kan duraa hoggaanoota dhaabaa kana erga haala kanaan dhuunfatanii booda ABO dhuunfachudhaan akkuuma kana dura taasiisaa turaan yaalii qabsoo fi dhaaba kana dhabaamsiisuu taasiisaa jiruu.

Gama kanaan Waltahiinsi isaan mootummaa itoophiyaa waliin qabaan inni jalqabaa hoggaanoota ABO finfinnee ergaa dhuunfataanii haala oliitti kaasneen maqaa Tokkummaan dhabaamsiisaniin boodaatti, waraana bilisummaa oromoo akeeka kanaatti ciichee hafeemmoo humna waraana guddaa itti bobbaasuun akkuuma kana duraa baraan uummaata jalaatti ajjeesaa hiraarsaa deeggaarsa dhorkuun qophxeessuuf qophiitti jiru.kanaanis yeroo kanaatti uummaata oromoo hiraarsaa ajjeesaa akkasumaas mankaraarsuun sochii waraana bilisummaa oromoo qophxeessanii deeggarsaa dhowwaa waraanaan balleessuuf shaakala taasiisaa jiruu. kanaanis gochaa waggaa 140 dura miniilik Oromoota irraatti raawwataa tureen adda kan hin taane uummaata saamaa qabeenya jalaa mancaasaa keessaayyuu lixaaf kibbaatti mana uummaata gubaa, uummaata qe’ee isaarraa buqqiisuun bakka quubsumaa dhorkuun badii guddaa uummaata oromoo irraan gahaa jiruu. yaadni warraa ABO dhabaamsiisuuf yaadaniis kanuuma.

Warrii soodareetti ABO jedhee of moggaasan eenyufaadha?
murnoonni kun bara 1991 irraa kaasanii ABO balleessuuf ergaama diinaa fudhaatanii yeroo haalli mijaahuufi diduummoo dhaaba keessaa foxxooqiinsa uumanii bahaanii yeroo ABO irraatti holoolaan argaa turree. kana biraas darbee diyaaspooraa keessaatti deeggaarsi tokkoollee akka ABO fi qabsoof hin taasiifamne holoolaa oofuun gufuu tahaa turaan. kana biraallee darbee, qabsoo Oromoo ganaanii diinoota oromoo waliin dhaabbatanii shiraa diigumsaa oromoo irraatti raawwataa turaan. murnii kun bara 1991 irraa kaasee dhaaba keessaatti shira dalagaa turaanii bara 2008 ABO keessatti maqaa jijjiiramaatiin cabiinsa uumanii dhaaba harkaatti galfanneerraa jedhaanii boodarraammoo ofiifuu waliitti deebi’aanii wal loluun takkaa ODF takkaammoo ABO tokkoome jechuun gargaar walqoodaan. wal qoodinsi kuniis tooftaa tahuu isaa keessaa beektoonni dhugaa bahaa jiruu. haala kanaan ABO keessaa ergaa bahaanii boodas holoola biyyaa alaa keessa oofudhaan uummaata oromok miseensoota fi deeggartoota burjaajessaa turaan. ammaas waan bara 2008 harkaatti fashaale carraa argaataniin mootummaa faashistii Itoophiyaan wal tahuun hojii diigumsaa isaanii dalagaa jiruu.

murnii Shanee Gumii sabaa ABO keessaatti mootummaan bitaamee, hojii diigumsaa kana keessaatti qooda bahataa jiraanii fi araara shira jedhuu kanaa dahoo godhachuun ABOtti dhiibbaa gochaa jiraanis yoo ilaalle warraa qabsoo kanarraatti seenaa gurraacha qabaan kan faayidaan bitaaman yoo tahaan irraa guddaan isaanii, kanneen dursaanii araara shiraa fudhaatuun galaanii biyya ergaa seenanii kiyyoo amma keessa jirruu kana qabsoo oromootiif diriirsaan akkasumaas kanneen faayidaa dhuunfaan bitaamanii fi diinatti harka kennaataniidha.

waltahiinsi ykn shirrii maqaa Tokkummaan deemaa jiruu kun qabsoo oromoo awwaaluuf kan tahee jedhaamee itti yaadamee fi qabsoo oromoo uukkaamsaanii sochii Waraana Bilisummaa Oromoo uummaataan gargaar baasanii qophxeessuun ABO fi kaayyoo isaa balleessuf shira xaxaamaa jiruudha.
kanaafuu Uummaanni Oromoo bal’aan, sabboontoonni, deeggaartoonni Qabsoo Bilisummaa oromoo, Qeerroo fi Qarreen akkasumaas hawaasni oromoo hundiyyuu shira kana hubaachuun akka dammaaqiinsaan shiraa badii qabsoo bilisummaa oromoo irraatti aggaamamtee kana tokkuummaan dura dhaabbattanii qabsoo kana dandamachiistaan isiiniin jennaa.

Injifannoon uummaata Oromoof!.

Oromos trust and abiy abmeds betrayal

Oromo Trust and Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s Betrayal
By Worku Burayu (Ph.D.)

Oromo Sabakoo: “You trusted Abiy Ahmed and had faithful to him:” you called him a son of Abbaa Gadaa, an Oromo hero, and an angel given from God etc. The love and impression you had for him, the life price you paid to rescue him can’t be described fully in this short article. “He was nothing short of your everything.” I have never heard, however, when Abiy Ahmed called himself an Oromo person, or a son of Abbaa Gadaa, or I have never observed his sympathy to the Oromo people. On the contrary, he promotes institution that demoralize the Oromo identity and the Abba Gadaa structure.

So, this time you’re feeling betrayed. Abiy Ahmed, a person you trust, you care about, perhaps even love, has broken the bonds of trust and done something that cuts deep at your heart. He has totally betrayed Oromia and Oromos. The successes you have achieved so far through your bitter struggle are tearing apart, eroded one by one.

Let’s see what our people feelings look like. Don’t take me wrong: This is not a scientific research; it is just informal information gathering.
One of the most surprising information indicated that significant numbers of Oromos “feel betrayed by Abiy Ahmed.” I contacted many Oromos from all walks of life in marketplace, business centers, recreational places, health institutions, government and private offices, temporary shelters and etc. These are investors, students, farmers, teachers, doctors, engineers, lawyers, office workers and many others. It included persons who know me or who don’t or whom I know and whom I don’t. Language of communication was Afaan Oromo. In Adama, around mid-July 2019, 70% of the persons I contacted said they felt betrayed. Earlier of that month, I recorded 95% in Nekemte, 88% in Ambo, 85% in Bedele, 65% in Finfinne, and 60% in Asela. The list goes on and on and on. I tried to get 4 men and one woman from Gujii. All of them think in that way. From Borana 4 out of 5, I contacted felt the same way. About 4% of the persons I contacted were OPDO members, and 50% of them felt that way. Surprisingly, people who don’t know me frankly expressed their feelings, and all of them felt that way. I contacted four men from Agaro, Jimma from where Abiy was born. Three out of our (75%) felt the same way. Those Oromo who evicted from their land (Eastern Oromia) and temporarily sheltered at Adama felt (100%) the same way.

More than enough has been said about the positive reform measures that Abiy Ahmed’s administration introduced. It is long overdue for Oromos to rethink about the so-called the present “Oromo led” EPRDF Governing body. As there is no a drop of water to drink where ditches of contaminated water are everywhere, there is no a genuine answer where there are a lot of false answers. It is a Vicious Circle: EPRDF under the PM Abiy Ahmed is turning Oromia into a bloodbath. The wellbeing of many Oromo farmers, students, investors, particularly QEERROO and QAARREE in various parts of Oromia is a serious concern to Oromos, a year after the alleged “change.” Still more than two million Oromos have been internally displaced, many daily killed, and others overfull in prison.
Blind supporters of Abiy’s administration, insensible OPDO members and beneficiary activists tend to view any criticism against Abiy’s government as a form of “disloyalty of the change.” They wanted us to believe that the crisis in Ethiopia in general and in Oromia in particular, in terms of security, democracy, social and economic issues are unavoidable aspects of the reform process, nothing else. A few legatees seem to buy into that thinking. On the contrary, the old fox (Group of Gimbot-7), unity by force camp in the modern era, who are advising PM Abiy Ahmed and its party, seemingly mastering control over most of the Menelik Palace (governance structure view). This same group has creating unprecedented security issue in Ethiopia, but these individuals are still rubbing shoulders with Abiy Ahmed.
Although the change is the result of primarily Oromo struggle, there is now a growing condemnation, rightly, that prime minister Abiy Ahmed’s unitary support base is developing a sense of entitlement and political privilege everywhere in the country, to the extent they go to eradicate Afaan Oromo and impose unreceptive language to the Oromo people. One example is the so called new “Ethiopian Education Roadmap.” We already know: “Abiy Ahmed is a betrayal of the change.” “His Majesty Abiy Ahmed” with his friend Birhanu Negga is working day and night to destroy Oromo Identity and the Oromia’s View.

Trust in Abiy’s administration is eroded not only in Oromia but also in Sidama, Wolita, Tigray and other regions. You are already betrayed by the person who you trust most. Betrayal is possibly the most damaging loss a person can experience. Abiy already violating your trust in him by doing harm to you, neglecting your cause, and giving deaf hear to address your concern. He betrayed you because he lies to you, insults you, and hurts you by putting his own self-interest, the dominance of “Abesha” group over you by exercising his domination power and disseminates his hegemonic ideas. He wishes to exercise cultural supremacy through domination of a culturally diverse society and wants to manipulate the culture of Oromo society- Oromo values, beliefs, explanations, perceptions, and languages. He imposed, his “Medemer Ethiopianview” becomes the accepted social, cultural and political norm.

It is essential to get a shared understanding of what happened: PM Abiy Ahmed ignored and deceived deliberately the cause that took more than 6000 QEERROO BILISUMMAA ROMOO lives: How?
1. There have been unrevealed and secret arrests of peoples of Oromia and Sidama within this past six months. Thousands of Oromos in Western and Southern Oromia have been exposed to homelessness when Abiy’s Command Post burn the houses, put thousands into prison, and kill indiscriminately. There has been an estimated 20000 Oromo political prisoners currently in Ethiopia (Abiy Ahmed called them as “Shifta”). Out of these numbers, 1/3rd are languishing in Sankalle, Ambo police training center, less than 5 km away from Ambo towns, West Shoa Zone. Many more thousands are suffering in Tollay military Camp, and in the underground and unknown places. It is the recent memory that many prisoners in Ethiopia released as the outcome of the QEERRO BILISUMMAA OROMOO struggle, but only to be replaced by Oromo political prisoners as the outcome of Abiy Ahmed administration. The well recognized experience Abiy Ahmed excellent at it is hunting secretly Oromo nationalists until they get killed.
2. Abiy trying to develop significant Truism Center in the North, including Lalibela and other attractions in King Palaces. I commend that. Attraction centers in the Western Oromia, however, are full of prisons. For instance, built by the King of Wolega in the 1870s, the Kumsa Moroda Palace has overcrowded by more than 200 Oromo political prisoners (they are not Shifta). Dhugassa Mengesha is one of the 200 hardworking civilians suffered under Abiy government (EPRDF) in that Palace. The Palace sits 1km north of the Wollega Museum become a hell where heinous crime happens on political prisoners. Let me ask you the PM: Why you deceive Oromos? Are the two young brothers, Iyyaasuu and Lalisaa Qanaate both less than 18 years old who were murdered in their home while they were participating coffee ceremony with their parents in the small-town Hinde, Ebantu by your Command Post without wrongdoing “Shifta?” Are the more than 15 youths in prison from the same Hinde town and 44 from the neighboring district Shifta? The more than 20000 Civilians Oromos who are suffering under your order without doing any crime, are not Shifta. Many individuals like Dhugassa Mengesha who not only hard-working men and women are but also a creator of jobs for many people, are not Shifta.
3. The primary cause of intimacy between Getachew Asefa and Abiy Ahmed for the long period of time was rooted on getting rid of Oromo intellectuals and freedom fighters like Legesse Wogii. The present unholy marriage between OPDO and Gimbot-7, particularly the relationship of Abiy with Berihanu & Andargachew is to eradicate Oroomummaa and Sabbonummaa, nothing else. It has been more than six years of synchronized work between the two groups to implement this objective.
4. Oromo concern and questions are not addressed: Presently, it is clear that a considerable number of people who initially supported Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has lost faith in his administration. Issues like Finfinne, Afaan Oromo, and self-determination never addressed. These create another layer of skepticism towards prime minister Abiy Ahmed’s administration. In fact, there is no sign that his administration would introduce fundamental structural reform that would promote Afaan Oromo as one of the official languages, or that heighten Finfinne position as the nucleolus parts of Oromia, or to promote peace and mitigate conflicts. On the contrary, he promotes institution that demoralize the Oromo identity.
5. False promise: Oromos fed up with unattainable, time buying, and full of sabotage promises. Here is what Oromo clearly should know- The longer Abiy stays on the position, the more likely the Afaan Oromoo is to stop functioning even as a working language of Oromia. The longer ODP goes at present pace, the more likely the interest of Oromo is tearing. For more information, please read:
(1) (2)
Horaa Bulaa!